There is always a double confirm when customers buy emergency lights: Do you need the always lit on or the lit on when power failure? Here is to tell difference of maintained and non-maintained emergency lights so that customers can clarify when inquiring.
Maintained emergency light is continuously lit on in every day life, and through the event of power failure. This type of lights are usually installed in theatres, shopping mall and other public places, where people are not familiar with the escape routes.
Non-maintained will only illuminate when there is a power cut. It is linked into the building’s lighting circuitry and reacts to a power failure ensuring emergency exit routes remain illuminated. This type of emergency lighting is mostly found in the workplace, such as offices and factories.

GOLDEN FUTURE can supply both maintained type and non-maintained type explosion proof emergency lights. DL618E model support for 40W day light illumination and 20W battery back-up illumination for 1.5 hours. Please contact us to have more details.

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