Dust performance analysis of industrial explosion-proof, high-efficiency and energy-saving electrodeless lamps: flammable dust places in Zone 20, Zone 21, and Zone 22; temperature group: T1~T6; indoor and outdoor (IP66); dust electrodeless lamps are used in chemical industry, oil refining, and oil exploration , offshore oil platforms, oil tankers, military and other dangerous places.

Product performance analysis of dust explosion-proof induction lamp:

1. Cast aluminum alloy die-casting shell, surface high-voltage electrostatic spray, with good anti-corrosion performance, stainless steel exposed fasteners;

2. Tempered glass transparent cover resistant to high energy impact, prismatic anti-glare design;

3.Silicone rubber sealing ring is resistant to high temperature and aging, and has good waterproof and dustproof performance;

4. The high frequency (I) above 60W and the low frequency (II) of the LED explosion-proof lamps are integrated patented structure (combination type), and the light source cavity, electrical box and wiring cavity are independent respectively, which effectively reduces the temperature rise of the light source cavity and the electrical cavity, and ensures the lamps and lanterns. Long-life work, only need to open the wiring cavity when wiring, easy and safe installation and maintenance;

5. The patented structure (wireless connection) is adopted between the lamp body and the installation accessories (outlet sleeve), and the installation accessories of various installation methods are interchangeable and universal, and the installation and maintenance are very convenient, fast and safe;

 6. The high-purity aluminum reflector and lamp umbrella are anodized on the surface, which improves the use efficiency of lamps;

 7. Electrodeless light source (electromagnetic induction lamp): high efficiency and energy saving, color rendering index ≥ 80, super long life > 60,000 hours, maintenance-free for long-term use;

8. Wide voltage (150~260V) input, constant power output, power factor ≥ 0.98, with open circuit, short circuit and other protection functions, good stability;

 9. Instant start: no delay is required when starting and restarting, and it lights up instantly;

10. Green environmental protection: passed the national EMC inspection, no electromagnetic pollution;

 11. No stroboscopic: the working frequency is up to 2.65MHz in high frequency and 230KHz in low frequency, which completely solves the stroboscopic problem of other light sources and improves the lighting quality.

12. It can be equipped with emergency devices according to the user's requirements. When the power supply is cut off, the lamps will automatically switch to the emergency lighting state, especially suitable for places with high requirements for continuous lighting; steel pipe or cable wiring.