There are a lot of different types of tools used in mining.

Instead of naming all these tools in one giant list, we've organized this guide into the different types of mining methods and the tools used for each one.

But before we dive into those specific categories, we wanted to share a list of mining tools and equipment by category so you can have a general understanding of what each category contains.
Here's a general list of mining tools and equipment:

  • Miner tools—tools that miners carry on them, like pickaxe and chisels.
  • Mining PPE—equipment that miners use to stay safe while cap lamp, helmet
  • Surface mining equipment—all the tools and mining machines used for surface mining.
  • Underground mining equipment—all the tools and mining machines used for underground mining.

Now that we've covered things at a high level, let's dive into each specific category.

Miner Tools

To this day, miners still use traditional mining tools, including:

Pickaxes.Hammers.Chisels.Shovels (for both surface and underground mining).

Mining PPE

In addition to traditional mining tools, miners also carry mining PPE on them at all times, including things like:

Air respirator systems. For breathing clean air.Cap lamps. Lights that are attached on top of protective headwear.Detection solutions. For locating miners.Fall protection. An array of safety tools to protect miners from falling. Hearing protection. For working in loud conditions.Miner’s pouch. A miner’s belt that provides lumbar support and carries cap light battery packs, tools, and a self rescuer.Protective communications. Wireless two way communications, plus a two way phone for emergency situations.Protective eyewear. To protect the eyes. Protective headwear. To help protect the head from falling debris, etc.Reflective clothing. A safety measure so miners can easily be seen. Self-rescuers. A personal emergency respiratory protection device against carbon monoxide and other harmful noxious gases.

Surface Mining Equipment

Here are all the types of mining tools used in surface mining:Blasthole drills Bucket-wheel excavators,Dozers,Dragline excavators,Graders,Highwall miners,Mining trucks,Shovels,Wheel tractor scrapers.

Underground Mining Equipment

Here are all the types of mining tools used in underground mining:

Crane lifts,Continuous miners,Drones,Jumbo drills,Loaders and haulers,Long wall mining machines,Personnel vehicles,Refuge chambers,Rock dusters,Roof bolters, Scoops,Shotcrete machines,Shuttle cars,Underground rails,Ventilation systems.