LED explosion-proof lamp is a series of explosion-proof lamps. Different from other series of explosion-proof lamps, the wick of LED explosion-proof lamp is made of LED material. This kind of explosion-proof lamp is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Why are explosion-proof lights called explosion-proof lights? This is because when there is a fire or explosion accident in the installation place, LED explosion-proof lights can effectively prevent explosions and can also be used in harsh environments.

The following points are a few places that need to be paid attention to when using LED explosion-proof lights:

1. The place where the LED explosion-proof light has been sealed is nothing to dismantle. This sealing method is the latest national explosion-proof technology.

2. When we need to open the lampshade of the LED explosion-proof lamp, we should cut off the power first and then operate.

3. When the LED explosion-proof lamp is used in the supermarket environment, we should always check whether there is moisture inside the lamp. If there is, we must remove it and replace the sealed part of the lamp.

4. If the wick of the LED explosion-proof lamp is abnormal, it should be replaced in time, so as not to affect the use of the lamp in the next time.