In 2004, I was transferred to Dingji Mine to do publicity work. I went down the mine less often, but I still focused on the mine lamp. A few years later, I found out that the miners were all in use of tiny lithium lamps, with boxes that weighed only three or four ounces and stayed on for more than 20 hours. Mine lamp room has also been upgraded, self-storage from the open management, access to the lamp more convenient. What's more, the standardization has been implemented in the mine, and the roadway is beautified and brightened. It is possible to safely reach the working face after turning off the mine lamp. I am truly happy for this change. 

Entering the era of Huaihe Energy, with the promotion of the construction of "intelligent mine", the mine lantern has "changed" into a new feeling of happiness. A few days ago, I talked with the director of mine scheduling about the mine lamp. He introduced happily that the mine has begun to be equipped with intelligent mine lamp, which can realize the intelligent collection and real-time upload of the information of the operating environment, operation behavior and production process. I am eager to experience it.

A drop of water can reflect the brilliance of the sun, the change of mine lamp is just a miniature of the great development of our enterprise.

Change is the mine lamp, the same is the original heart. Standing at the new historical starting point of Huaihe Energy, our enterprise focuses on the industrial chain, service chain and value chain of the three major energy industries of coal and electricity, and speeds up the construction of a modern large-scale comprehensive energy service group. There will certainly be more, bigger and more beautiful changes in the future. Let's look forward to it together!