In recent years, the field of LED lamps and lanterns has been discovered rapidly. The LED explosion-proof lamp, which is derived from LED backlight, has uniform light, no glare and exquisite structure. It has been liked by many people and is a new trend of modern and fashionable indoor lighting. There are actually many models of explosion-proof lamps. We may not know much about them. LED explosion-proof lamps are a requirement according to different environments and needs, color temperature, and rights. Manufacturers, marketplaces, customer retention, customer loyalty and the need to produce quality products, not just better models. After the explosion-proof lamp manufacturers appeared in stainless steel, we recognized this material. Tests have proved that stainless steel explosion-proof lamp, practice, its strength and durability can be ensured, as well as its strong corrosion resistance, no problems in corrosive environments

This stainless steel profile, explosion-proof lamp is used in many local beauty because of its excellent function, and even some industries have completely replaced traditional explosion-proof lamps. In addition, it can be used alone, but it can also be used as an accessory, and some advantages are more common than conventional explosion-proof lamps.

feature of productī¸°

 The shell is made of all 304 stainless steel used for special aluminum metal parts, and the high-tech technology of surface anti-corrosion treatment can be used for a long time at sea, chlor-alkali, hydrogen sulfide corrosion, etc.

1. Abundant superconducting aluminum radiator design, suitable for a long period of time in high temperature and high humidity environment; upper and lower ventilation fin structure, no dust.

 2, a variety of light distribution and installation, and the same shape, shops and beautiful images, useful for equipment channel problems.

 3. Photoelectric integration, no black spots, no ghosting, the uniform lighting power is as high as 100lm/W, which is 60% higher than that of metal halide lamps.

4. AC-DC general power factor reaches 0.99

5. Fast, on-site replacement of the light source without welding can be done.

 6, Side stand, enhanced safety wiring cavity, safe, easy to install and protect.