With the deepening of China's social openness and the promotion of human rights awareness, the safety of coal mine production and the safety of miners' lives have become the common concern of the whole society.  According to the State Administration of Work Safety, from 2001 to 2004, there were 188 major coal mine accidents that killed 10 or more people, an average of one every 7.4 days. In 2004, there were 14 particularly serious accidents with more than 30 deaths, Among them, ther-e were 6 mining accidents, accounting for 42.8%.  The official death toll from minin-g accidents in 2004 was 6,027.  

In the first half of 2005, a special fund of 3 billion yuan was earmarked for coal mine technical renovation and the work safety Bureau was upgraded to the general Administration of Work Safety, but the situation remained grim, with the death toll rising 3.3 percent from the same period last year to 2,672.  According to incomplete statistics, 80% of these mine accidents are directly caused by the lighting of the mine lamp.  The immediate benefit of LED technology is its use in mining lamps.  The appearance of LED mine lamp greatly reduces the probability of mine accident caused by the explosion of mine lamp bulb and the explosion of mine lamp.  

At the beginning of the 20th century, David's safe miner's lamp began to be replaced by batteries and bulbs.  This is another important boost to safety in coal mines, where lighting is no longer dependent on firelight.  Miners' working conditions have been greatly improved and nystagmus has been basically eliminated.  The disease is a serious occupational disease caused by poor lighting conditions in the previous coal mining industry. LED miner's lamp profile (1) in 2001, the first generation of the LED light source, a miner's lamp is produced in our country, the product power lithium ion battery, light source adopts more than red, green and blue leds in parallel, polychromatic light through the special lens to produce the human eye can see the white light, intensity of illumination can be as high as 700 lx, achieves the miner's lamp illumination standard,  The volume and weight of the product are much less than that of the traditional miner's lamp, and it has certain maintenance-free function.  However, the color mixing, volume and light efficiency of LED light source limit its further development.  With the development of LEDYB dual-color white light technology and its wide application in the field of lighting, many enterprises began to invest in the development and research of LED white light source miner's lamp, manufacturing a number of φ 5 or φ 10 white diode miner's lamp, also can reach more than 800lx illumination, and began to try in some mining areas.