One of the very important explosion-proof principles of LED explosion-proof lamps is to limit the temperature of the surface of the casing, the surface of parts or the surface of electronic components in contact with explosive gases and explosive dust, and to limit the temperature of the electrical contact surface to be lower than its minimum ignition temperature or ignition temperature . LED explosion-proof lights used outdoors need to use waterproof drivers. LED explosion-proof lights used at gas stations need to be shockproof.

LED explosion-proof lamps


1. The light distribution of the lamps is unique, the illumination range is uniform, and the illumination angle reaches 220 degrees, which makes full and effective use of the light; the light is soft and no glare, which will not cause eye fatigue of operators and improve work efficiency.
2. The light source adopts high-brightness LED, and the power consumption is only 40% of the metal halide lamp.
3. The key components of the power supply are all selected from the world's top brands, which are efficient and stable.
4. The unique heat dissipation structure is adopted, and the heat transfer and heat conduction method is used to accelerate the heat conduction, which can effectively ensure the efficient heat dissipation of the LED, so that the life of the LED can reach 100,000 hours.
5. The explosion-proof type has the highest explosion-proof grade and can be used in flammable and explosive places in various industries.
6. It can be wired in parallel, eliminating the need for junction boxes and installation costs.
7. The shell adopts high-tech surface spraying technology, which is wear-resistant, anti-corrosion, waterproof and dust-proof, suitable for various harsh environments.
8. When the led explosion-proof light is used as a flood light: add a condenser cover to the light source surface to increase the illumination of the flood light.
9. The led explosion-proof lamp is used as an explosion-proof lamp in a winery: it should be designed with zone road sealing; explosion-proof type is intrinsically safe; the protection level is IP65, the anti-corrosion level is WF1, and it is waterproof, dust-proof and explosion-proof.
10. The use of led explosion-proof lamps as oilfield explosion-proof lamps: should be designed with anti-falling rings; make sure that the oilfield derrick vibrates to prevent the lamps from falling off due to the bolts falling off, but with the protection of the anti-falling rings.
11. The standard explosion-proof light led that has passed the fire inspection and acceptance.