1.Electrical call elementElectrical call element

LED explosion-proof lights should conform to relevant national standards, can withstand the working temperature of the lamp cavity for a long time, and provide electrical parameters that match the light source. Ronglang Electric can meet the requirements of various types of explosion-proof LED lights.

2. Design of the size of the junction box junction cavity

It is necessary to meet specific explosion-proof performance requirements, create explosion-proof electrical appliances, and also facilitate wiring, leaving room for the bending radius of the wires to ensure that the electrical clearance and creepage distance after wiring are correct. Coat the wiring cavity wall and anti-static paint to avoid sparks during normal operation.

3. Connectors and terminals

A. Connector and bushing terminals should have sufficient mechanical strength to prevent damage during the wiring process. The wiring should be stable and reliable, anti-loosening, and should not vibrate against thermal expansion and compression loosening of vibrating conductors and insulators

B. The design of the power connector of the LED explosion-proof lamp should be such that after the stranded wire is wired, if the cable head is removed from the terminal, it will not touch the surrounding metal parts.

C. The terminal should take measures to prevent loosening, and the flag should be raised to prevent the wire at the root of the terminal from breaking. It is not allowed to directly press the connecting wire with the screw head, which can easily damage the terminal.