The LED explosion-proof lamp market is optimistic, and it will inevitably lead to a new round of competition. Price war is a common method, but it may not be a lasting strategy for the long-term development of the industry. Building your own brand image is the best strategy.

The LED explosion-proof lamp shell is divided into two parts, one is the lamp bead cavity and the other is the electrical cavity. Regarding the lamp bead cavity, this part is the key point. In the cavity where the aluminum substrate is laid, it is necessary to scrape the thermal conductive paste, and the part of scraping the thermal conductive paste needs to be flattened by a milling machine. Many manufacturers will ignore this key process. , Because they feel that this part only needs to be polished with a polishing machine at will, and it looks flat. And it can save 20 yuan of milling machine cost and labor cost, so more and more manufacturers throw away an important process without milling machine. In fact, this is a very important process. If the lamp bead cavity is milled flat, the thermal conductive paste will be scraped flat, the aluminum substrate and the lamp body will touch better, and then the heat dissipation will be better, which will greatly reduce the time when the lamp bead emits light. The light decay caused by the heat of the lamp extends the service life of the lamp. We have tested that with this process, the life of the lamp can be extended by at least 1.5 years to 2 years. And lamps without this process have a much lower lifespan than normal lamps.

Product value of LED explosion-proof lamp:

IIC grade explosion-proof type, which can be used safely in flammable and explosive places with IIC explosion-proof requirements;

From the structural design, the waterproof requirements are met, and the protection level of the product shell reaches IP66, which can be used reliably in various indoor and outdoor places;

The all-round light distribution design is adopted for the lamps, which has large lighting scale, wide viewing point and uniform illumination to prevent lighting blind spots;

The drive circuit adopts the plastic sealing design, which not only meets the explosion-proof requirements, but also has the effect of heat dissipation and waterproof, and has good reliability;

Using LED light source, energy saving and long life;

Humanized planning for assembly, wiring and other operations, easy to operate;

According to on-site practical assembly requirements, the assembly method is optional (bending rod type or ceiling type).

The shell temperature of the led explosion-proof lamp itself is the function check of the explosion-proof lamp. Due to the existence of flammable gas in the environment where the explosion-proof lamp is assembled, the surface of the heated casing itself is a source of danger. If the shell is too high, the temperature level of the whole lamp will be lowered, and the scope of application will be reduced. Therefore, when LED explosion-proof lamp manufacturers plan lamps, they will increase the heat dissipation area and increase the weight of the radiator, which is why the LED explosion-proof lamp is heavier than the general LED lamp.