The lamp is mainly composed of lower acid, alkaline battery, upper components, etc. He is different from the explosion-proof head lamp, the upper component of the mine lamp includes the lamp cap and the upper cover of two parts, the lamp cap is composed of the lamp shell, lamp cap ring, tempered glass, reflector, bulb, bulb holder, charging switch and cap hook and other parts. The lamp cap circle is fixed on the lamp cap shell with triangle screw (insurance screw), and cannot be opened without special tools, so as not to cause gas explosion accidents in coal mines due to the spark generated when the bulb leaves the bulb spring. 

The reflector serves as a focal point. The bulb is positioned at the focal point of its reflecting surface, so that the reflected light is almost parallel. In this way, all 22 lumens of light flux emitted by the bulb can be concentrated on the desired illuminated surface, increasing its illumination. Generally, the illuminated surface at 1 meter from the lamp is about 0.05 square meters. The bulb is screwed on the bulb holder, and pressed on the bulb spring with the lamp surface. Once the bulb or the glass on the lamp surface is broken, the glass on the lamp surface will not press the bulb, and the bulb is lifted by the elastic force of the bulb holder, and the power is immediately cut off to ensure safety. 

The lamp holder is equipped with a charging switch, charging does not need to open the cover, as long as the lamp holder charging hole inserted into the charging frame inserted into the plug, and then clockwise rotation 180 degrees, can be charged. The cap hook is used to hang the headlamp on the cap hopper. When the cap hook is removed, the charging switch and electric shock can be checked.