Due to the active demand for replacement of LED lamps and related subsidies in various countries in recent years, LED industrial lighting has grown rapidly. A research institute's "2016 Engineering Lighting Explosion-proof Lamp Market" research report pointed out that in 2016, the global LED industrial lighting market scale reached 2.932 billion US dollars, and the annual growth rate increased by more than 15%. In 2020, the market size will reach 5.204 billion US dollars.

The structure of the LED explosion-proof light seems simple, but in fact it is simple but not simple. There are many details that are the source of the difference. Professional lighting has been developed for more than 30 years. With the promotion of energy saving and emission reduction projects, it is imperative to replace traditional lighting with LED lighting. However, there are many manufacturers producing LED and LED explosion-proof lamps. Different manufacturers choose LED lighting lamps made of different raw materials, resulting in uneven quality, so there are different prices, which has caused various storms in the market. Because of the increasingly fierce price war, the price difference of products with almost the same appearance, structure and function is 2-3 times. Many users are confused for a while and do not know where the price difference comes from. It is difficult for general LED lighting manufacturers to differentiate. customer.