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The Minerals Council of Australia’s recently released ‘New Frontiers’ research project has found that Australia’s mining export success story in the Asian region has a long way to run.

Drawing together the many insights and experiences of Australia’s mining and METS companies operating in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the report highlights Australia’s vital interest in keeping international trade open and growing, and the role of the Australian government in leading by example.

ASEAN is a big market for gold, coal, copper, semi-finished products of iron and steel and aluminum as countries including Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand experience rising incomes and continue to industrialise and this presents a massive opportunity for our mining industry.

Australia’s mining and mining services sectors will play a critical role in the continuing growth of these emerging economies, supporting their growth and contributing to deeper economic, social and cultural ties to the benefit of everyone in our region.

However, realising these opportunities will require tackling a raft of trade barriers and other policy impediments.

This is the fourth report in the MCA’s ‘New Frontiers’ research project which examines trade barriers and other impediments to boosting Australian mining and METS exports to South and East Asia.

Mining is already Australia’s biggest export industry and Asia is its most important export market.

In 2019 – 2020, the resources sector earned AUS$283 billion of export revenue (60% of Australia’s total export revenue) and mining was Australia’s largest industry with a 10.4% share of the economy. (Published by Jessica Casey, Editorial Assistant 
World Coal, Wednesday, 11 November 2020 12:05)

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