For mine lamp, is the more the better, the lighter the weight?

About the mine lamp, most of us know that the mine lamp is a special explosion-proof product which must be equipped with lighting tools for coal miners underground. Mine lamp power source and light source as the core components of mine lamp, its product performance and quality, related to the safety of coal mine production and miners' life safety. Therefore, it is necessary to fully understand the performance of the battery in order to do a good job of lamp management and battery maintenance.

One, the overview of the mine lamp

At present there are many kinds of mine light produced in our country, and the commonly used new domestic mine light are KS -- 6, KS -- 7, KS -- 8, (A), (B), (E), (P), (M) and other type of lead acid battery lamp and KJ -- 12, 2TN -- 10 type alkaline battery lamp, there are also the KSW12H type lead acid methane alarm lamp, roadway lamp, Explosion-proof headlights, etc. Alkaline battery lamp is divided into nickel battery lamp, iron nickel battery lamp and lithium battery lamp because of the different material of the negative electrode. Its products are KJ - 12, 2TN - 10 type and so on. 

Alkaline storage battery lamp has the properties of acid storage battery lamp in addition to the volume quality has his unique. Some alkaline lamp shell using nylon material, monomer to one combination, and the same capacity of lead acid battery compared with 85% light, volume reduced 60%. Another feature is long life. Such as the dragon separator nickel KJ -- 12 (B) type of mineral lamp quality is only 0.9kg, capacity up to 16A.h, up to 2200(x), 11 hours after the 900 (x), the circuit is composed of microelectronic chip safety circuit, service life than the same capacity lead-acid battery increased 2 times, cycle life 88 times. 

Although the structure of the giant dragon alkaline mineral lamp is simple, but the use of a single filament bulb, bulb without switch, is its weakness. The more important is to use constant current charging, electrolyte consumption, and need to open the cover to charge.

Alkaline mine lamps all have a voltage of 2.5 volts, a bulb current of 1 ampere and a light flux of 22 lumens, but their rated capacities vary, as do their lamp times.