Explosion-proof lamp refers to the lamp used for flammable gas and dust dangerousoccasions, can prevent the electric tiger spark and high temperature may occur inside the lamp igniting flammable gas and dust in the surrounding environment, so asto reach the explosion-proof request.  Also known as explosion-proof lamps, explosion-proof lighting.  Different combustible gas mixture environment for explosion-proof lamp explosion-proof grade and explosion-proof situation have different requests.  

Explosion-proof lamp as the most widely used lighting, its explosion-proof skills have long attracted people's extensive attention and highly valued.  Aluminum alloy shell, plastic-sprayed surface;  Lighting, emergency dual-use;  Installed with non-protective nickel cadmium battery pack, active charging under normal power supply, accident power failure or power failure to the emergency lamp active light;  Steel pipe wiring;  The normal lighting and emergency lighting are independent of each other.  Lighting emergency dual-use lamp, normal lighting and emergency lighting share a lamp body, light source independent. 

Explosion-proof lamp through the peculiar light distribution design, accurate control of LED light type and light Angle, to avoid light pollution and ineffective light application;  Soft light, no glare, will not cause eye fatigue of operators, improve work effectiveness.  And it can also be selected according to customer request international famous brand T5 fluorescent tube, high light efficiency, more in line with the actual lighting environment, compared with T8 fluorescent tube electricity saving about 30%.  And can be equipped with emergency device according to user request, built-in light body weight, when the outside power, the lamp actively switch emergency lighting status.